Thinking is as much a skill as tying a shoelace, riding a bicycle or playing football.

When we neglect to treat thinking as a skill we are relying on raw intelligence and knowledge to carry out the thinking function—this is rather like relying on a player's reach and the tennis racquet to play tennis for the player.

CoRT aims to develop skill in broad practical thinking.

Intellectual virtuosity as such is definitely not an aim of CoRT.

Brilliant mental gymnastics as such are often of little practical value except to delight and dazzle.

There are people who can think brilliantly about everything except what they really need to think about!

It is a CoRT aim to encourage students to feel that they can think about anything that is put before them - but in a practical and sober way.

For instance, in the Experimental Results section is described the effect of some CoRT lessons on the thinking about the suggestion that everyone should spend one year doing social work after leaving school.

Before the lessons there was a great deal of idealism with only positive points being considered. After the lessons the thinking was more balanced and there was far more consideration of administrative difficulties and the like.

CoRT aims to develop a skill in practical thinking rather than in philosophical excursions.

CoRT aims to get students to look at thinking objectively instead of regarding it as based on ego and emotion.

Students should be able to be cool and critical about their own thinking and dispassionately observant of the thinking of others.

Emotions do have a real value - in fact they are the ultimate value. But emotions should be based on good thinking and not become a substitute for it.

The CoRT aims could be summarised as follows:

1. To acknowledge thinking as a skill.

2. To develop the skill of practical thinking.

3. To encourage students to look objectively at their own thinking and the thinking of others




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