COEF. CoRT On-line Education Fund.

The CoRT Thinking On-line education fund.

The idea behind offering free access to this material for those unable to afford the enrollment costs was championed by this sites chief web developer Will Devine.

He maintained that this material should be made available on-line to as many schools and students as possible in every corner of the planet.

Because of financial constraints in developing countries we are fully aware that the actual enrollment fee could be spent on the students basic requirement, such as food, clean water, and school materials.

It is of course necessary for such institutions to have internet access, to avail of this offer. However in the future we will use this fund to enable schools to obtain at least a computer plus internet access for their school.

This is intended to be used across cultural barriers as a way to show children all over the world (LANGUAGE PERMITTING), that other children have the capacity to think, just like themselves.

We are convinced that the CoRT Lessons contained on this site will be of great benefit to developing nations.

By using the full range of thinking tools allows the students to develop into not only strategic thinkers, but also into action thinkers.

We will use 10% of our net income on the above project.

Each case requiring free on-line access will be viewed and considered on an individual base. However the following points must be respected.

• A pre-agreed specified amount of feedback and permission to publish this information.

• A genuine desire to use the CoRT Thinking method with their group.

• Permission to publish the individual/institutions name.

• Agreement to take part (if possible), in global usage of data information gathered. This could happen when the same question is asked to all students, using the site.




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