If you are involved in educational training at any level, and you believe in our method of teaching thinking, we would be happy to hear from you.

We are fully aware of the tremendous work being done around the world at this current time by individuals like you, who are helping others to discover their true potential.

As a trainer there are different approaches to the way in which you might wish to avail of Cort thinking on-line. Below are a number of different situations which may be appropriate to your individual needs.

You may wish to use this material in conjunction with on-site teacher training.

You may wish to introduce this on-line material into an individual school.

You may wish to use the on-line material within a group of schools.

You may be in a position to recommend this on-line educational programme at local government level, or some other level which would entail a large number of schools.

You may wish to register your details with us (outlining the geographic area you cover), which we can then pass on to schools who require on-site teacher training.

You are currently involved with web based education and wish to offer the complete CoRT Thinking on-line system to your existing and potential clients.

You are involved with home schooling education, and wish to introduce this programme to a co-op.

There is another particular usage you may have, where we can work together using the Cort method for the teaching of thinking.

As you are aware there are many different situations where Cort is used, there are many different teaching methods, and thankfully many diverse students from all around the world who benefit from the CoRT material. We just want to make this material as available as possible to as many as possible. Working together we can achieve this, and we will make a difference to the next generation.

To discuss your paticular situation in confidence please use our contact page or ring Will  on 00353 87 2879978.






  • Teacher License
  • Yearly Student Licence
  • Teacher Guides/60 Lesson Plans
  • Over 5 Hours Training Videos
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  • CoRT School License
  • Multiple Teacher Accounts
  • Teacher Guides/60 Lesson Plans
  • Over 5 Hours Training Videos
  • more info...